Dumpster Rental Direct — The Right Dumpster Sizes for Your Needs

Whether you need dumpsters for removal of construction debris or waste from your home or business, or whether you are looking for short term dumpster rental for some sort of an outdoor occasion, Dumpster Rental Direct is the place to get the right receptacle for your project or function. With seven different sizes of dumpsters and flexible rental plans, we can provide the right waste removal solution for you.

Different dumpster rental sizes

We specialize in larger dumpster sizes, ranging from 3-50 cubic yards. There are sever different sizes of dumpster available:

  • 3 yard — the smallest type and perfect for residential use. These are best applied in small-scale construction such as roofing, siding or remodeling. Also appropriate for small businesses such as restaurants and apartment buildings, as they will accommodate the waste of a smaller group of people.
  • 10 yard — this size dumpster is more appropriate for a larger scale cleanup or construction project. Concrete, sand, woodchips, gravel and bricks can easily be loaded into this size and transported on the back of a truck.
  • 15 yard — this dumpster will easily accommodate 7-9 loads that would fit in a pick-up. Ideal for landscape architecture, cleaning up a smaller junkyard and roofing jobs on a large house are made easy with this receptacle.
  • 20 yard — the bigger they get, the more they hold. With a dumpster this size you can take care of cleanup in a natural disaster or a fire in a residential area. Additionally, demolition and construction of small office buildings is also made easy.
  • 30 yard — on a sunny weekend, this size of dumpster can even be used to relocate furniture from one location to another provided it is secured inside. You may not want to trash your old furniture completely, but you will be able to transport it easily to a charity or a second hand yard easily with this dumpster.
  • 40 yard — usually the largest size of dumpster available, huge renovation projects in homes or offices can be achieved with this one..
  • 50 yard — we also carry a monster sized dumpster for those customers who really need the biggest one on the market!

Whatever the situation, it can be quite confusing when it comes time to select the right dimensions for the project. Depending on the type of waste to be removed and the size of transportation that you have access to, you will need one of a variety of the above sized dumpsters.

Choose Dumpster Rental Direct to get the right dumpsters for your project!

Different types of projects you may need a dumpster for

There is a huge variety of projects where you may need a dumpster. For instance, if you want to remove large blocks of concrete or asphalt that has been broken up (such as the old foundation of a house that you are demolishing to make way for a new one you are building).

Clearing gardens and woods on your land is also easy with some of the larger sizes of dumpsters. Tree stumps, brush and even entire forests can be transported away if you need to sell the wood or make space for construction.

When you are building a new structure, you will need to remove any debris that has accumulated such as shorn-off ends of beams or broken bricks. Renting a dumpster with a roll-off service truck is the best way to take care of this problem..

And finally, another common project where dumpster rental is crucial is a demolition job. It does not matter what you are demolishing, there is a dumpster size to fit it all so you do not need to make too many trips to the scrapyard!

Types of dumpster services available

You can either choose to rent a dumpster to keep at your location for a lengthier period of time, such as a few days or weeks, or you can call to have a dumpster delivered for a few hours just to collect a smaller amount of waste products. Dumpster dimensions will depend entirely on the nature and size of your job. Choose Dumpster Rental Direct for your waste and trash hauling needs!

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